Artist's Statement


"I interpret things with both my heart and eye. Reality is only one side of art, it needs feeling to make it whole."          Camille Corot

In my mind, botanical art and science share an almost symbiotic relationship. The work of a botanical artist must have one foot firmly planted in science. That said, if I can produce a drawing or painting that is beautiful as well as being accurate, then I might have created a true piece of art rather than a lackluster illustration.

When I study a plant before I paint it, I spend time observing it from all angles, looking, touching, feeling and only then, sketching. I try to find the soul, the spirit of the plant.

As I learn the plant's character and become familiar with its personality, a relationship develops between us and has a marked effect on my finished painting.

Throughout my life, the challenge of recording the intricacies of nature has been all consuming. I gain satisfaction from the process of translating observations into the complexities of line, tone, shape and color while learning about the beauty of the world around me.



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